This time of year, I always find that many riders start to drop off in their desire to keep getting out there.  I’m not sure if its the lack of powder or the increased difficulty in access. But I can definitely understand both…kinda. Honestly, I’m pretty into my springtime sled action.

The snow conditions get really firm in the mornings because it’s frozen, then midday it starts to soften up. Not long after, in the afternoon when it’s the hottest part of the day, it becomes slush soup – but that’s actually when it can be some really fun riding! Spring is super fun to find jibs, build jumps, get sun tans and just enjoy the mountains.

Get In There

Then there is the challenge of access. Streams and rivers are melting out, so while we have over 6 feet of snowpack the water is open. You have to find some interesting routes to get across. Sometimes you build a jump to just jump the creeks – and on the way back you have to jump again!  It keeps it interesting, that’s for sure.

I think all of these factors just make people turn to other sports late in the season. I totally get it that the dirt is pretty good right now, and mountain biking & riding moto is probably pretty epic, but I just really love riding my sled in all conditions.

Freedom Rides

There’s something so free about being able to ride anywhere in the mountains – well, anywhere that is covered by snow. I find that I am usually one of the last riders in the area to be out there riding, and this makes it hard to find people to ride with. My usual partners have started putting their sleds in summer mode and putting them away. I’m like, “The sun’s out! Let’s ride!!!!!”

This season was a hard one for Tahoe with March being the only real winter month that we had. Lucky for me, I was traveling a ton and riding a lot of real winter conditions. I got plenty of pow days, but I’m still left wanting more.

What’s Ahead in that Springtime Sled

I could see squeezing out one more trip to Whistler, or Revelstoke really, but at the same time, I feel like I have a lot to handle at home. Buuuut that’s probably because I’ve been gone all winter shredding sleds!  Well, thats fine with me, because I am beyond addicted to this sport.

I truly hope I can keep riding through the month of May. However, every day that is over 60 degrees is sure making the timeline shorter and shorter. It’s going to be interesting through the next month, but you know what?? I’m down for the adventure, and I’m stoked to keep riding until it’s really over. My sled won’t be in summer mode until it’s past time to put it away. I bet I will even have to take it to the car wash to get the dirt off, too.

That being said…happy spring (even though I’m already missing winter).