Ok so one of the questions I get most is “what do you think about that finger throttle?” The funny thing is I think I used to ask it alot too, well at least until I put one on my seld.

When I first heard about it I wasnt sure I would like it, but mainly because sleds had thumb throttles and sometimes its just hard to try something new, that sounded like quite the change. But once I tried it for a couple days I was hooked! You see, Andrew Munster is not only one bad ass rider that lives in one of the epi centers for backcountry sledding. (Whistler) Where he can test all of this parts by putting them through the ringer. But he is also a talented engineer that designs his parts to fit perfectly, and work even better. I was blown away by his fit and finish, but what really got me was how much better I felt riding my sled with his finger throttle.

Whats the big deal…. Well when using the Munster finger throttle you have a full grip and a finger still on the lever. This allows you to hang on better, during every movement of your handle bars. You have more pulling power, more grip power, and that gives you more control. It turns out your index finger is also a faster muscle allowing you to blip the throttle faster and more often. So tree riding is better, popping wheelies is better, jumping is better and all around the whole thing, Im telling ya its better! All other handle bar sports use levers like this, and allow you to have a full grip instead of your thumb hanging out there. It took me about 3 or 4 riding days to not even notice I was using it, and it became the normal thing on my sleds. Now I dont want to ride a sled with out it!

Sure you could jump on your buddies sled to try it out, but it takes full commitment to really get the feel of it. So if you give it 3 or 4 days then I think you will see what its a great upgrade to any sled.